Sonya Heitshusen Married (2024)

1. How my best friend lifted me up after a drunken driving conviction: Sonya ...

  • 27 feb 2017 · Television anchor Sonya Heitshusen spoke of the life-changing friendship she made with fellow journalist. And let me tell you, this “one brain” ...

  • Read the story Sonya Hetshusen told about her best friend Erin Kiernan during the Des Moines Storytellers Project: Besties event last week.

2. Sonya Heitshusen - Ballotpedia

  • 27 mei 2022 · Sonya Heitshusen defeated Tom Walton in the Democratic primary for Iowa House of Representatives District 28 on June 7, 2022. Candidate. %.

  • Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics

3. Two Des Moines TV reporters arrested for OWI

  • 9 jun 2014 · Sonya Heitshusen, a reporter with WHO-TV, was charged with first-offense OWI and driving on the wrong side of the street early Saturday morning.

  • Two WHO-TV reporters were arrested in as many days this weekend.

4. Former Iowa news anchor loses age discrimination lawsuit - KCCI

5. Sonya Heitshusen sees age and gender bias in her involuntary TV exit

  • 11 aug 2020 · WHO-TV's Sonya Heitshusen was denied a contract renewal but says no one criticized her work. She believes she was seen as too old to be a ...

  • WHO-TV's Sonya Heitshusen was denied a contract renewal but says no one criticized her work. She believes she was seen as too old to be a woman on TV.

6. Ex-Iowa anchor hopes her age bias lawsuit changes TV news

  • 24 aug 2021 · Heitshusen filed an age and gender discrimination lawsuit Tuesday against WHO-TV's parent company, Nexstar Media Group, Inc., which calls itself ...

  • A once-prominent anchor at one of Iowa’s biggest local television stations has filed a lawsuit alleging she was let go last year because of her gender and age.

7. Redefining Wellness - dsm magazine

  • 28 aug 2018 · Above: As local television personalities, Erin Kiernan and Sonia Heitshusen have had to experience life's setbacks in the public eye.

  • Above: As local television personalities, Erin Kiernan and Sonia Heitshusen have had to experience life’s setbacks in the public eye. Experience has taught them important lessons that they now shar…

8. Former TV anchor, Democratic candidate charged with reckless ...

  • 6 jul 2022 · According to police, Sonya Heitshusen fired the weapon on June 27. ... Couple forced to have impromptu wedding on bridge after marriage ...

  • Police say she pulled the trigger of a Glock 21 handgun. The bullet penetrated the glass of a sliding door and exited in an unknown direction.

9. Sonya Heitshusen was forced out at Ch 13 | Page 9 | CycloneFanatic

  • 11 aug 2020 · It almost seems like when you're married to a career police officer, you could pick up a few lessons here and there. But, also don't handle ...

  • Whole lot of Donna Dogooders in here telling me I can't get drunk and wildly fire my gun in my own house now.

10. Court throws out Tirrell case against Gabus; Heitshusen, Wheater trials ...

  • 6 aug 2014 · Sonya Heitshusen, the WHO anchor who was charged with drunken ... No one seems to have noticed, but after 56 years of marriage Buzz and Sue ...

  • Marty Tirrell’s lawsuit against Charles Gabus Motors has been thrown out of court. Tirrell, the radio broadcaster with a long list of judgments against him, had said he had an employment contract with Gabus’ Toyota dealership. As “proof,” he cited two bizarre “to whom it may concern” letters. Not g

11. After years of heartbreak, infertility, news anchor prepares for baby

  • 1 okt 2015 · “How's baby today?” asked co-anchor Sonya Heitshusen. “Baby's about as big as a head of cauliflower,” Kiernan replied, snapping back to ...

  • Erin Kiernan stared directly into WHO-TV’s camera as she wrapped up the first segment of a recent 5 p.m. newscast. She kept her green eyes…

12. West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce's Post - LinkedIn

  • 5 mei 2023 · Very cool and well deserved! Like · Reply. 1 Reaction. Sonya Heitshusen ... Marriage/Family Therapist. Habit Instructor ...

  • Yesterday we recognized our 2023 Citizen of the Year, Tina Hadden. Please help us celebrate Tina by sharing your words of congratulations in the… | 20 comments on LinkedIn

13. 2022 Iowa State House Election Results | The Detroit News

  • 8 nov 2022 · ... Wife prepares to run off with husband's best man · High Schools ... Sonya Heitshusen (D), 6,659, 46.8%. County-by-County Results. District ...

  • See election results for the 2022 Iowa State House, including maps and county-by-county vote counts on Nov. 8, 2022.

14. Uehling Cemetery Obituaries, Assembled by Harry H. Wagner

  • ... Married Name = Mrs. Sophia Beckmann Maiden Name = Obituary The Oakland ... Pallbearers were William Heitshusen, Carl Peters, Harry Stromquist, Roy ...

  • Obituaries of the people buried at Uehling Cemetery, Dodge County, Nebraska.

15. Fqgnjmindfe99 [LIaont] - 桃園市龍潭區德龍國小 - 歡迎光臨

  • 25 jun 2024 · ... married Arizona vs white sox prediction Big butt p*rnos Craiglistdetroit Fan bus midget! ... Sonya heitshusen and luke wilson wedding? Ellie the ...

  • 桃園市德龍國民小學

Sonya Heitshusen Married (2024)
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